Nerve Conduction Studies

Nerve Conduction StudiesIf you are having pain and you have not been able to determine why, you may need a nerve conduction study. AMR Pain & Spine is a pain management center in St. Louis that can perform these types of studies.

Nerve conduction studies are usually combined with electromyography (EMG) to find and evaluate any damage in the nerves leading away from the brain and spinal cord. This technique can help diagnose any nerve disorders and can pinpoint any abnormal sensations.

For the procedure, electrodes are taped to your skin, and a shock-emitting electrode will be placed over your muscles. Electrical pulses will be sent to your nerve, and the speed of your muscles’ contractive response will be measured. That way, we can better understand if your muscles are functioning normally and can recommend further treatment.

While this procedure may sound scary, our trusted staff will be with you every step of the way to ensure you are comfortable. Rest assured that you are always well taken care of at AMR Pain and Spine Clinic!

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