Facet Joint Injections

Facet Joint InjectionsAt AMR Pain & Spine Clinic, we are one of the best pain management doctors in St Louis that can perform Facet Joint Injections.

Facet joints are joints located in between vertebrae that help provide the flexibility and stability that is necessary for a full range of motion in everyday activities like walking, running, and even sitting. Over time, cartilage can become worn down, stiff, or swollen, which can lead to chronic back pain. This can lead to immobility and discomfort in our patients.

How Does It Help With Pain?

Our facet joint injections can help you manage your facet joint pain and get back to your normal level of activity. We inject a small amount of anesthetic (numbing agent) and steroid medication, into the facet joint. Numbing the facet joint allows us to better understand the location of your back pain and the corticosteroid medication reduces inflammation that could be contributing to your pain.

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