Botox Injections

Botox for MigrainesSpasticity, cervical dystonia, and migraines are relatively common conditions that we treat at AMR Pain and Spine Clinic. We are pain management doctors in St. Louis that can help decrease the pain you feel from these conditions.

Spasticity is a condition in which the brain fails to send the proper signal to muscles, which results in spastic movements and difficulties maintaining control. This can be incredibly frustrating and debilitating for patients.

Cervical dystonia is a painful condition that causes the neck muscles to contract involuntarily and can cause involuntary head movement, while chronic migraines are headaches occurring fifteen or more days per month that can lead to nausea and light sensitivity. Left untreated, these conditions can detract from our patients’ independence and quality of living.

How Does Botox Work For Migraines?

Sufferers of spasticity, cervical dystonia, or chronic migraines can find a solution in our Botox injections! You may associate Botox injections with more cosmetic uses, but at AMR Pain and Spine Clinic, Botox can help patients manage pain and symptoms associated with cervical dystonia, spasticity, and chronic migraines. Small injections of Botox will allow your body to return to its natural positioning without spastic responses and can alleviate the excruciating pain of chronic migraines.

Chronic Migraines Getting In The Way?

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